Inbound + Marketing + Strategy

These are three buzzwords you’ll hear thrown around in the marketing space like empty promises from a politician in an election year. These words are used so loosely and so frequently that I often wonder how many marketers truly know what is meant when they use them. But even more concerning is that if marketers don’t entirely understand the words (or at least agree on their meaning) then how do you think our potential clients feel? I would say confused at best.

Developing and executing inbound marketing strategies is exactly (dare I use the word) what we do here at Rise. But considering many people, marketers  included, are confused or at least unclear on what such a service entails, we thought it important that we be very explicit about what we do. So we developed this behemoth of an infographic, the simplest way we could think to make a complex topic more digestible.

Enjoy, and please be sure to leave your comments or questions!

Inbound Marketing Strategy INFOGRAPHIC


Josh Brown is the Founder and Executive Consultant at Rise Marketing. He has been actively involved in the digital marketing space for over 8 years, with experience in many different facets of online and offline marketing. “I would love to chat, drop me a line or leave a comment!” – Josh