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Josh-Brown-Headshot-Square-SmallThanks for stopping by.

I know that you are a busy, and likely bootstrapping, real estate agent.

Time is probably your most precious resource so I will keep this short, sweet, and to the point.


Depending on the situation you are in there are a few ways I can help you.

First at foremost Rise Marketing is a consulting firm. Our forte is strategy development, aka your marketing roadmap. See all of our services on the Consulting page.

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Who YOU Are

You are an agent looking to build an empire, not settle for middle of the pack. You are a market leader or striving to be one. You are on this site because you know there is something missing in all of the advice you have received about online marketing, there is something more that will help tie it all together, but you just can’t quite put your finger on it.

You understand that building a business takes time, and that is a good thing because I feel the same way about marketing…good marketing takes time. Good marketing, like good business, can’t be built on to do lists and tactics. Strong businesses are built on culture, strategy and systems.

Will I help you learn about social media? Of course. Will I help you develop a beautiful, functional website? Definitely. Will we talk about Facebook Ads and search engine optimization? Absolutely!

But most importantly I help you create a foundation for your marketing. A framework that will allow you to leverage your time and resources while implementing the tactics you need, not the ones everyone else is doing for no better reason than, everyone else is doing them.

That’s why you are here. You want to build something big, and you know it will take a solid foundation.

What Rise Is

When it comes to marketing don’t you just wish someone could grab you by the hand and show you exactly what you should be doing? That is how we help agents here at Rise Marketing, we diagnose your situation first and then prescribe a solution that fits your needs, goals, budget and schedule.

It should be painfully obvious to you by now that digital marketing isn’t an advantage anymore, it’s a qualifier. If you don’t want to fade into that background you need to be investing time and resources into online marketing.

But it’s not quite that easy. Digital marketing is moving FAST and it’s getting very hard to keep up with. The simple truth is most agents just don’t have the time or resources to effectively implement digital marketing. I see it all too often, agents spreading themselves too thin, only to end up offering a watered-down experience to their clients: inconsistent social media, an incomplete website or misplaced ad spend.

What I am here to offer you is the sales and marketing advice YOU need. I want to help you stop wasting time and money implementing marketing tactics that don’t fit your needs.